Dear competitors, dear organizers and spectators.

Each year, during the world championship of Mondioring, you will meet the best teams, handlers and dogs, from each countries and this in the three levels.

Hoping, that the year 2017 will stay at an excellent rank.

I would like to congratulate all the participants for their selection, and thanks the judges and helpers who will have a difficult task to break the tie between the teams in competition.

I want also thanks, right now, the organizing country, SPAIN and the town of GORLIZ, located in the Spain Basque region, for accepting the organization of this event. As in the year of 2013, which already was a great success in a masterfully organization orchestrated by Ricardo and Nuria SALAZAR and their teams, with a great devotion for this outstanding task that is Mondioring.

I wish, that the world championship 2017 organized in GORLIZ, will be again a very nice celebration of the canine world.

The coordinator, Bernard Roser

Dear friends,

This is the 3rd time (Mungia 2004 – Muskiz 2013 – Gorliz 2017) for TXAKUR BAI LAN TALDEA dealing with the most important event for Mondioring lovers. We really know how much work is behind this event.

We would like to thank to SMCU/FCI and RSCE the opportunity they give us to organized Mondioring World Championship 2017. We also would like to thank to all Spanish Mondioring Clubs who support us. We are sure we will do our best to make unforgettable championship.

Many of you already know us, many years being in this great annual meeting, we have seen how time passes, how we develop, how our children grow … we have become family by dog, the Mondioring family, but there are others who do not know us, if this is the case we will introduce ourselves:

We are Txakur Bai Lan Taldea a non-profit association founded in 1997 to promote canine sport. We respect and love animals, our great passion is the Mondioring which has led us to the madness of organizing three times the MONDIORING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, with all the work and effort that this event need. After so long we continue with the same illusion as the first day.

This year the atmosphere surrounding this event is “Basque Mythology”. This is the best way to learn about this fairy world that is part of our culture and traditions.

Let´s go with this fairy Mondioring World Championship!!!! You cannot miss it!!!!


Txakur Bai Lan Taldea

The municipality of Gorliz has been chosen as headquarters for the International Mondioring Championship.
It will be held from 5 to 8 October of 2017. We will have the chance to enjoy this great event of the canine world at the municipality´s Sports Complex.

From these lines we would like to welcome you to Gorliz, to both participants and fans attending this international event.

During your visit, you may also like to enjoy the possibilities offered by our beautiful surroundings for leisure as for gastronomy, etc.

Thank you very much for stopping by and for your cooperation in the development of the Championship.

Ayuntamiento de Gorliz

Utility Dogs Commission Welcome to the 2017 World Cup for Mondioring in Gorliz, Spain.

Gorliz is in the province of Biscay which is in the autonomy Basque Country

With regards to the World Cup and Grand Prix for Mondioring dogs in Gorliz, Spain, we should pause and think for a few moments about our four legged friends, -helpers and -lifetime companions. Being together with these wonderful animals is a foundation of human survival and a source of respect for nature and all living creatures. Whether it be for competition, companionship, assistance, security or search and rescue; in good- and bad times, dogs are man’s best friend.

At a national security level, we normally don’t ponder much about the relationship between humans and dogs, but we have to realise that dogs contribute greatly in a lot of cases.
With their great smell capability, they excel as tracking dog, rescue dog, avalanche dog, explosives dog or dogs searching for drugs and many other things, and are helping us tremendously in that way. Dogs also work side by side with human experts in catastrophes like earthquakes and avalanches where they are indispensable in the rescue of human lives.

Unconditional friendship, -trust, -camaraderie and -loyalty are keywords that describe some of the most important character traits of our canine companions.
I believe that it is of the utmost importance that humans learn to value respect and cherish these traits. All dog handlers, especially those who are participating at the World Cup and at the Grand Prix, should express their respect to these traits by proving how working with dogs can be fun for both handler and dog.

To organize a World Cup for Mondioring involves a tremendous amount of preparation, volunteer-work and stress. I already want to thank Ricardo Salazar and his staff of volunteers, for all the hard work.
I wish you a smooth and succesful event!

For all the participants I wish good luck and great results at this World Cup.
For the judges, I trust that their experience and impartiality will fulfil their important task to come to objective and fair judgements.
Finally I hope that all participants, visitors and friends of the Mondioring sport, will experience a wonderful World Cup and I am sure that they will enjoy the hospitality of Spain and especially, the hospitality of the city of Gorliz .

Frans Jansen
President FCI Utility Dogs Commission