Eguzkilore (english)

Thousands and thousands of years ago, when humans began to populate the Earth, there were neither the Sun nor the Moon. Men and women lived in constant darkness, frightened by the many witches that came out of the bowels of the earth in the form of fire-bulls, flying horses, or huge dragons.

Desperate humans decided to ask for help from Earth.

"Amalur, Mother Earth," they begged, "we ask you to protect us from the dangers that lie ahead”.

The Earth was very busy and ignored the humans, but so much and so much insisted that in the end The Earth attended them.

"My children," he said, "you ask me to help you, and that I will do. I will create a luminous being that you will call Moon”.

And the Earth created the Moon.

In the beginning, humans were very frightened and remained in their caves without daring to leave, but soon they became accustomed to its light.

Like human beings, witches had been frightened to see that luminous object in the sky, but they also got used to it, and soon came out of the wombs and harassed humans again.

Human beings once again came to Earth.

"Amalur," they said, "we are so grateful that you have given Mother Moon to us, but we still need something more powerful, since the geniuses keep chasing us."

"All right," replied the Earth, "I will create a still more luminous being whom you will call the Sun. The Sun will be the day and The Moon, the night.”

And the Earth created the Sun.

It was so large, bright and warm that men had to get used to it little by little, but their joy was great because thanks to its heat and its light grew plants and trees.

However, witches could not get accustomed to the great clarity of the day, and then they could only go out at night.

Human beings once again asked to Earth.

"Amalur," they said, "we are very grateful to you because you have given us Mother Moon and Mother Sun, but we still need something else, because although during the day we do not have problems, when the night comes the witch come out of their hiding places and they frighten us.”

Again, the earth heard their supplications.

-“It's okay. I'm going to help you one more time, but this will be the last. I will create for you a flower so beautiful that, upon seeing it, the witch of the night will believe that it is the Sun itself and leave you alone.”

And the Earth created the flower of the sun, EGUZKILOREA, which to this day defends the houses of evil spirits, witches, geniuses of disease, tempest and lightning.

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